The Role of a Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is known as a non-intrusive, non-judgmental woman who is there to educate and offer advice, guidance and give emotional support for the new mother and her partner in the beginning of their journey together with their new baby or babies depending on their situation.

As a doula, I give my parents a basic foundation of baby care and resources. I try to teach my families to trust their intuitions. In that way they are able to become more capable of handling their babies’ cues and the progression that continues to change from birth and throughout their young lives.

I will support the mother’s decision to breastfeed or bottle feed. Which can be overwhelming at times with all of the questions that a new mom might have in regards to achieving the best results with the choice that they make for their baby. I will teach how to properly sanitize breast-pumps and or bottles depending on what they use.

I also teach the new families how to organize and balance out the rest of their lives, whether it’s handling older siblings or learning how to continue to run their household while taking care of their new baby’s  day to day activities. Sometimes, all a new mother might need is a helping hand with the baby’s laundry or light cooking of meals, just so mom can take the time to rest and recuperate after giving birth.

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